Female Fat Loss Simplified (With Sample Eating Plan)

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Picture of a woman weighing herself on a scale.

What is the ideal ratio for fat loss?

In my experience with losing weight, the fat loss ratio that worked best for me was a whole-food diet composed of high protein, low carbohydrates and moderate fat for a few months.

Fat loss can work with an overall reduction in calories consumed by an individual. It can work by simply reducing your calories by 250-500 calories every day.

Reduction of a macro-nutrient like carbohydrates or fats can also work. This is mainly because just this reduction in calories leads to loss in fat.

Why do you think this is ideal for losing fat, can’t I just eat reduce 500 calories from my existing diet?

You absolutely can reduce 500 calories from your diet and lose fat. However, an understanding of macronutrients can help you sustain fat loss.

The low carb/moderate fat/high protein ratio is just one approach, with the reduction of calories from carb reduction that could simplify the process for beginners who do not know where to start.

Why High protein?

Protein consumption remains high in the fat loss phase because for overall body composition, muscle tissue maintenance is necessary and protein consumption maintains muscle.

Why Low carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are reduced as a calorie-reduction method and can be increased after fat loss.

Why Moderate fats?

Fat is an essential part of women’s health and hormones. Keeping this moderate sustains the many unique processes that a woman’s body goes through daily. Fat consumption does not hinder fat loss if moderately consumed.

Can you give me an example of how to eat using this ratio?

Below is a template on how one would eat for fat loss, with Lebanese foods added for my readers who live in Lebanon or in the Middle East.

This is a sample fat loss eating plan for women that also includes Lebanese dishes.

In conclusion, the way that diet culture in Lebanon works is unsustainable. Diet culture emphasises calorie restriction over daily sustainable lifestyle food choices (of which can occasionally be tweaked for aesthetics).

If a strong and curvy/thin body is your ideal body, then lifting weights and healthy eating is the ticket. Check out my female guide to hypertrophy and my free nutrition ebook to learn some of the basics of starting a fitness lifestyle.

Please let me know what your thoughts on this post on Female Fat Loss Simplified (With Sample Eating Plan) are by commenting below.


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