12 High-Protein Meal Ideas

For today’s blog post, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite high-protein food ideas. Protein is such an important part of gaining muscle so I definitely want to help whoever I can get some tasty high-protein meal ideas.

I broke down the visual post into breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas. For breakfast, we have greek-yoghurt, protein pancakes and peanut butter on a whole-wheat bagel. If your aim is to gain muscle mass, I definitely recommend trying these!

Lunch and dinner are mainly based on high quality animal-fat based proteins. I have also provided some Vegan options like almonds, peanut butter toast and hummus for snacks. Additionally, investing in a Vegan protein powder like a hemp or pea protein powder can help supplement muscle gains on a non-animal based types of diet.

For regular meat-eaters, lunch and dinner is mainly saturated with healthy, high-quality animal protein, eggs and carbohydrates.

For women and men who are out there killing it at the gym, I hope that this post helps facilitate the other portion of muscle gain: food!

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post, let me know what you thought of these high-protein meal ideas in the comments below.


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