Women’s At Home Quadriceps and Glutes Workout


For women who are looking for a leg workout that can be done from the comfort of their own homes, I have created a workout to try at home regardless of level of experience . This workout focusses mainly on quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

For this workout, you will need water, a towel and resistance of your choice. I highly recommend purchasing resistance bands for this type of workout, however it can also be done without any equipment.

A superset essentially describes performing the exercises back-to-back until you have completed the necessary reps. Once all of Superset 1 is completed, take a 2 minute rest period and complete Super Set 2, and once that is done, move onto the Last Set. That should complete the workout, it will take roughly around 25 minutes. Use this 3 Minute Hip-Stretch Routine before-hand to ensure that your hips are properly warmed up for the workout.



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  1. Solomon says:

    Over time, having weak glutes can lead to hip, knee and low back pain. Athletes with glute weakness are also prone to acute injuries such as ACL tears and hamstring strains. Place a light resistance band around both legs, just above your knees. Lie on one side with knees bent, hips stacked and feet together. Make sure your butt is not tucked. Exhale as you lift your top knee, keeping your feet together. Inhale as you return your knee to the starting position. Do 15 reps. Switch sides.

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  2. Absolutely and I completely agree. Thank you for your helpful comment. 👍💪


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