Visualisation, Goal-setting and the Importance of Daily Habits

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share with you a page from my newest Muscle Gain ebook. In this segment, I go over visualisation, goal-setting and hacking our brain to form habits. I hope that you find this useful if your goal is to set new goals or start getting fit today!

Visualization and goal-setting

The simplest way to overcome our brain’s instinct to “stay safe” is to just go to the gym. It is only once we get to the gym that the motivation ensues. Furthermore, our brain’s capacity to visualize and to plan/execute are secondary tools that we can use to reach our fitness goals. We must write down our specific goals and make sure to write out all of our reasons/motivations for getting into shape. The second step is actually breaking down the goals into measurable steps.

After this is done, the momentum is going to come from actually going to the gym. We can have every detail planned and mapped out, however, unless we actually force ourselves to go, we will not get any results. That is why motivation falls short and discipline always wins.

The importance of daily habits

The brain is also highly adaptive to habits. If fitness and exercise is integrated as part of one’s lifestyle, then it becomes almost automatic after a certain point. It has been argued that thirty days is enough time to develop a habit. Because obtaining a fit figure inevitably comes down to the daily habit of training, it is therefore crucial to give enough time to our brains to get used to his new change that it will perceive as being “unsafe”.

We all know that our brains are wired for our safety, so it’s not about reasoning with the brain, it’s about showing it through our actions that this is a “safe thing” to do. Otherwise, it will come up with many reasons why not to train or eat healthy. The safest bet then is to beat your brain at it’s own game, to forgo thought and to “just do it”.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on mindset and forming habits, let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below!


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