Female Compound Lift Q&A

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This week I want to discuss compound lifts. Over the last few weeks, I have been asked by many women on how to achieve a curvy-fit aesthetic. This is achievable through following a lower-body focussed program that emphasises compound lifts.

An example of this is glutes-expert Bret Contreras’ Booty by Bret program. Aside from looking for programs that emphasize lower body growth through compound lifts, let us discuss just how compound lifts result in objectively aesthetic physiques, the types of compound lifts (check out my previous posts on this subject), benefits of lifting heavy and how sex hormones play a massive role in how our bodies’ respond to training.

Female Compound Lift Q&A

Question #1: What is the link between strength training and aesthetics?

Check out my previous two posts on how aesthetics, attractiveness, femininity and curves can be shaped through the process of lifting weights.

“I know how to do that, and the process of doing that (getting stronger) improves aesthetics every single time. No matter what his problem is. People look better when they are stronger (www.legionathletics.com,2021).”

Let us be clear that this applies to the desirable curvy and thick aesthetic that women do seek from training, it universally applies to compound lifts likes squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, etc. “Well, I have a friend who’s a plastic surgeon down in Round Rock, Texas, and as a part of his practice, I mean, women come to him specifically to look better.

He has a little different take on it than we do. His interest is kind of following along with what we’re talking about right now is primarily aesthetics. So he will have them squat because it is his contention that the squat makes more difference in a woman’s aesthetic appeal because it specifically works the hips and legs (www.legionathletics.com,2021).”

According to Legion Athletics’ article on female muscle growth, not all female fitness programs are created equally, if your goal is to build actual muscle, make sure to pick one that fits the following criteria. “Now, the best types of workout routines for women meet the following criteria:

-They focus on heavy weightlifting.

-They emphasize compound movements.

-They emphasize the lower body more than the upper body.

-They keep cardio to a minimum (www.legionathletics.com,2021).” 

Question #2: What are the different types of compound lifts?

Firstly, what is a compound lift?

Compound lifts are multi-joint movements that aim at imitating every day actions which include walking and sitting down.

These are your big lifts that include bench press, squat , lunge and deadlift. While a compound lift is predominantly aimed at strengthening the entire posterior chain, it also has functional elements that can improve posture as well as entire lower body strength.

Full list of compound lifts:



-Overhead Press

-Bench press 


-Lat Pull Down 

-Abdominal Bicycle 

-Hip Thrust 

-Pull Up/Chin-Up  

-Push Up 


-Step Up

-Arnold Press 

For more details on compound lifts, check out my previous posts on this subjects.

Question #3: What are the benefits of lifting heavy?

There are numerous health and aesthetic benefits of lifting heavy. Here they are:

-Leads to increased bone mass and reduction of osteoporosis (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

-Improves overall strength so that everyday activities are less demanding (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

-Increase in resting metabolic rate so more calories are burnt at rest (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

-More effective than training with light weights for overall body transformation (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

-Improvement in core strength, confidence and posture (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

-Reduces your likelihood of developing non-specific back pain (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

-Makes it easier to maintain your ideal weight (www.mphmethod.com,2012).

Question #4: Why won’t my body become masculine if I lift heavy weights?

The short answer is sex hormones. Women’s hormonal make-up does not possess the testosterone levels associated with a big and muscular physique more commonly found in male physiques.

Additionally, all hardness associated through muscular development specific to male characteristics is unattainable without the use of enhancements even for men. “Ironically, a great many men actually fail to develop large, muscular physiques despite lifting heavy weights for years on end even though they are “hormonally primed” for muscle growth.

Men typically have ten times the amount of the anabolic hormone testosterone compared to women so the chances of women building muscle to the degree that they lose their femininity is slim at best!

Even men who train using compound lifts will not get the hard and masculine physiques, at the most they will also become more toned with male characteristics that they naturally have.

It is only when the steroid or hormone-enhancer is introduced into the body that it develops in a dramatic and masculine fashion, this goes for women too. “Don’t fear the heavier weights – you won’t wake up one morning looking bulky and masculine; a woman’s body is just not hormonally primed for developing big muscles.”

In conclusion, the link between compound lifts and aesthetics is a strong one, with compound lifts delivering highly feminine and curvy physiques. Compound lifts include deadlifts, squats, bench press.

Going heavy on these lifts will deliver feminine and aesthetic physiques, our female hormones will not allow us to develop masculine features or bodies.

Check out these great resources on how to get started lifting heavy weights and transforming your life.

I hope that you enjoyed this compound lift Q&A, please let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below!


Why Women need to lift heavy- The MPH Method

The Ultimate Guide to Female Muscle Growth- Legion Athletics


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